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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Modern Indian History MCQs For WBCS Mains | SSC CGL | UPSC Prelims P13

Page 13

61. The lower castes tried to assert themselves by borrowing and imitating customs and manners of the upper castes. This was termed as Sanskritisation by
(A) B.R. Ambedkar
(B) M.N. Srinivas
(C) M.K. Gandhi
(D) Bernard Cohn

Correct Answer: [B] M.N. Srinivas.
62. The Whitley Commission was concerned with
(A) Public Health
(B) Reorganization of Civil Service
(C) Labour
(D) Education

Correct Answer: [C] Labour.
63. Which of the following results of the Zamindari System was not an advantage to the British?
(A) Permanent fixation of revenue demand
(B) Provision of financial security
(C) Creation of political allies
(D) Minimization of revenue administrative expenditure

Correct Answer: [A] Permanent fixation of revenue demand.
64. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?
(A) Kanpur - Brigadier General Neil
(B) Lucknow - Major General Havelock
(C) Banaras - Sir Colin Campbell
(D) Jhansi - Sir Hugh Rose

Correct Answer: [D] Jhansi - Sir Hugh Rose.
65. Which of the following groups did not get separate electorates by the Act of 1935?
(A) Europeans
(B) Depressed Classes
(C) Anglo-Indians
(D) Indian Christians

Correct Answer: [B] Depressed Classes.


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