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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

India's Struggle for Independence - WBCS Main MCQs P5

41. Who was the Governor-General when Sind was annexed?
(A) Lord Dalhousie
(B) Lord Hardinge-I
(C) Lord Auckland
(D) Lord Ellenborough
Correct Answer: [D] Lord Ellenborough.

42. Growth of Nationalism and struggle for Independence The Indian Association played an important role in arousing national consciousness through the formation of the
(A) Indian National Conference
(B) British India Association
(C) Indian National Congress
(D) Bengal British Indian Society
Correct Answer: [A] Indian National Conference.

43. Who was the founder of secret society Abhinav Bharat?
(A) Ganesh Savarkar
(B) Damodar Chapek
(C) Naren Bhattacharji
(D) Jatin Mukherji
Correct Answer: [A] Ganesh Savarkar.

44. Which, of the following is correctly matched?
(A) Foundation of the Forward Block-1936
(B) Foundation of the Communist Party of India-1939
(C) Formation of the All India Kisan Sabha-1935
(D) Foundation of the Congress Socialist party-1934
Correct Answer: [D] Foundation of the Congress Socialist party-1934.

45. Who is generally acknowledged as the pioneer of local self-Government in modern India?
(A) M.K.Gandlii
(B) Curzon
(C) Ripon
(D) Hardinge-I
Correct Answer: [C] Ripon.

46. Who was the first to attempt decentralization of financial administration?
(A) Curzon
(B) Lytton
(C) Ripon
(D) Mayo
Correct Answer: [D] Mayo.

47. Who confessed the following way? 'We have no right to seize Sind. Yet we shall do so and a very big advantageous, useful, human piece of rascality it will be".
(A) Sir Charles Napier
(B) Major James Outr
(C) Lord Auckland'
(D) Lord Ellenborough
Correct Answer: [A] Sir Charles Napier.

48. Which of the following were the original founders of the Theosophical society?(i) Madam H.P. Blavatsky(ii) Mrs. Annie Besant(iii) Colonel H.S. Olcott(iv) Colonel O.P. WalburnChoose the answer from the codes given below
(A) i and iii
(B) iii and iv
(C) i and ii
(D) ii and iii
Correct Answer: [A] i and iii.

49. Subhas Chandra Bose fought the presidential elections in 1939 on the ground that
(A) He was opposed to Gandhiji
(B) He favored an aggressive policy which was opposed by the Congress Leaders
(C) He did not like the nomination of Sitaramayya
(D) He pleaded for elections instead of nominations
Correct Answer: [D] He pleaded for elections instead of nominations.

50. Who among the following capitalists served as an AICC treasurer for many years and went to jail in 1930?
(A) J.R.D Tata
(B) Walchand Hirachand
(C) G. D. Birla
(D) Jamunalal Bajaj
Correct Answer: [D] Jamunalal Bajaj.


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