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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

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Page 3

11. Which one of the following does not belong to biosphere reserves set-up so far?
(A) Nanda Devi
(B) Gulf of Kachch
(C) Great Nicobar
(D) Sunderbans

Correct Answer: [B] Gulf of Kachch.
12. The Garo, Khasi, Jaintia hills were formed in the same age as
(A) Siwalik
(B) Himachal Range
(C) Himalaya
(D) Maiwa Plateau

Correct Answer: [D] Maiwa Plateau.
13. Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?
(A) Sultej : Antecedent Rive
(B) Ghagghar : River with interior drainage
(C) Koss : Consequent River
(D) Narmada : Rift Valley River

Correct Answer: [B] Ghagghar : River with interior drainage.
14. Structurally, the Great Himalaya is -
(A) An allochthonous zone
(B) A Suture zone
(C) An autochthonous zone
(D) A par-autochthonous zone

Correct Answer: [C] An autochthonous zone.
15. The upliftment of the Himalayas was first initiated during the period of -
(A) Middle Eocene
(B) Middle Miocene
(C) Middle Pliocene
(D) Middle Oligocene

Correct Answer: [B] Middle Miocene.


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