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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian Geography General Knowledge MCQ P9

81. Consider the following statements and code the correct one -
a. Cotton textile is the largest industry in India.
b. Cotton textile contributes about 35% of the total industrial production.
c. Cotton textile provides employment to about 18% of the workforce.
d. About 17% of India's total exports consist of textile Code.
(A) a, c & d
(B) a, b & d
(C) a, b &. c
(D) All of the above
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [A] a, c & d.

82. The Amarkantak Hill is the source of two Rivers flowing in two different directions (West and East). They are -
(A) Tapi and Betwa
(B) Tapi and Son
(C) Narmada and Tapi
(D) Narmada and Mahanadi
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [D] Narmada and Mahanadi.

83. Pullicut lake is which type of lake?
(A) Glaciated lake
(B) Lagoon lake
(C) Crater lake
(D) Salt lake
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [B] Lagoon lake.

84. Zojila is a pass between
(A) Chumbi vally and Sikkim
(B) Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet
(C) Kashmir valley and Laddakh
(D) Lahaul vally and Spiti
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [C] Kashmir valley and Laddakh.

85. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
(A) Cotton textile industry provides jobs to the maximum number of people
(B) The first cotton mill was set-up at Fort Gloster in Calcut
(C) Maximum number of cotton yarn and textile mills are located in Gujarat
(D) Carpet industry is chiefly in the State of Uttar Pradesh
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [C] Maximum number of cotton yarn and textile mills are located in Gujarat.

86. Which statement is not true for monsoon?
(A) Rhythm is key note of the monsoonal climate
(B) Monsoons are not affected by ENSO
(C) Monsoons are large scale seasonal wind systems
(D) There is a complete reversal of winds
[WBCS Main 2014]
Correct Answer: [B] Monsoons are not affected by ENSO.

87. The typical area of 'Sal' forests in the Indian Peninsula occurs
(A) To the North-East of Godavari
(B) On the Malwa Plateau
(C) On the Western Ghats
(D) Between the Tapti and the Narmada
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [A] To the North-East of Godavari.

88. Sustainable development was first clearly defined by the
(A) United Nations
(B) World Bank
(C) Bruntland Commission
(D) Rio Conference
[WBCS Main 2014]
Correct Answer: [C] Bruntland Commission.

89. The States which have common borders with China Ize
1. Jammu & Kashmir
2. Sikkim
3. Arunachal Pradesh
4. Himachal Pradesh
Which is the correct code -
(A) 1,2 & 3
(B) 1, 2, 3 & 4
(C) 1 & 3
(D) 1, 3 & 4
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [B] 1, 2, 3 & 4.

90. The channel which separates Car Nicobar from little Andaman is
(A) 10° Channel
(B) 7° Channel
(C) 9° Channel
(D) 8° Channel
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [A] 10° Channel.


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