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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian Geography General Knowledge MCQ with Answers P16

Page 16

76. The highest peak of the Himalayas in India is 1M
(A) Sikkim
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Kashmir

Correct Answer: [A] Sikkim.
77. The immediate cause for the SE. Trades to cross the equator and blow as SW Monsoon winds over India is the
(A) Intense low pressure are of Thar desert
(B) High temperature over Chhotonagpur Plateau
(C) Intense low pressure over Tibet
(D) Heated Ganga Plain

Correct Answer: [C] Intense low pressure over Tibet.
78. Which one of the following Himalayan rivers is not an antecedent stream?
(A) Kali
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Indus
(D) Sutlej

Correct Answer: [A] Kali.
79. The map in which distribution of different objects are shown by letter symbols are called —
(A) Choropleth maps
(B) Chorochromatic maps
(C) Choroschematic maps
(D) All of the above

Correct Answer: [C] Choroschematic maps.
80. Consider the following statements and code the correct one -a. Cotton textile is the largest industry in India.b. Cotton textile contributes about 35% of the total industrial production.c. Cotton textile provides employment to about 18% of the workforce.d. About 17% of India's total exports consist of textile Code.
(A) a, c & d
(B) a, b & d
(C) a, b & c
(D) All of the above

Correct Answer: [A] a, c & d.


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